Live in rural mountain Maryland.
Tarot reader and spiritual medium.
Drove tractor-trailer teamed with my husband for 10 years. Drove solo for 5 years. Visited 43 of 48 contiguous United States.
Did database management for the mailroom in a DDA sheltered workshop.
Drove tractor-trailer hauling coal from the mine to the power plant.
Drove school bus
Spent a year on the road with husband and 2 dogs hauling items off UShip and living out of a 8×12 cargo trailer mining gold across the US.
Write fan fiction that I’ve published on various sites for 10 years
Write non-fiction that has been published by the local Arts Council
Keep my remaining parental unit and hubby of 30+ years functioning
Produce videos for 4 YouTube Channels … And Then Some Again Productions, KDCL Media, Oro Expeditions, and Oro Hamill
Founded Oro Expeditions with gold miner hubby.
Maintain websites for the above entities.